Defenders of Wildlife / Transit Posters

GOAL: Defenders Of Wildlife, a Washington D.C. advocacy group, wanted to stop an upcoming Discovery Channel "wildlife" program hosted by Sarah Palin, known for her aerial hunting of wolves and promotion of Alaskan oil interests.

STRATEGY: Instead of targeting the concerned public (which had proved slow and ineffective), we redirected the focus to the Discovery Channel's management, sponsors and shareholders who believed that Sarah Palin would raise their ratings—and profits.

We planned a media “blitz”, concentrating on the train station and surrounding bus shelters that served the Discovery Channel's headquarters for one week during its
Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.

The posters adopted a corporate tone and logic that made it impossible for
Discovery Channel's management to dismiss DOW as a bunch of tree-huggers that didn't understand business. It undermined their justification that hiring Sarah Palin was a business-based decision, turned off potential sponsors and created a negative buzz among the overwhelming numbers of pro-environment employees who passed the posters
on their way to work.

RESULT: Our campaign transformed a “coup” for Discovery’s management into an embarrassing, expensive fiasco. Sponsors withdrew, Sarah Palin's Alaska
was immediately canceled, with little likelihood of similar shows being proposed
in the future. Excellent!

Wild Bird Fund /
Logo, Outdoor Campaign, Event

GOAL: Raise awareness and money for NYC's only non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility. Run by nice Ladies Who Lunch, the WBF was struggling to source funding beyond their small circle of wealthy, older patrons.

STRATEGY: One, through an anthropomorphic campaign approach that visualizes people trying to exist under same difficult conditions as birds do,we wanted to overcome the misconception that urban wildlife is “just fine” without our help. Two, build a wider audience of young professionals with disposable income who may not be hardcore wildlife advocates, but do want to attend events that are "the place to be" for that evening. We renamed their gala “the Annual Flocktail Party”, created fun, stylish materials
and sourced celebrity guests.

RESULT: With one small ad, the WBF doubled its public-generated contributions and through more exciting invitations, tripled its event attendance.

Oxfam UK / Social Media Campaign


In people’s minds, the unchecked spread of extremism has probably shot to top of the list of world problems, superceded their concern for the poor.

We want to take a provocative stand, linking the fact that impoverished people with nothing to lose can make easy targets for radical thinking.

Oxfam’s compassionate efforts to help people when they need it most, their leadership and willingness to stick around and work to ensure communities are self-sustaining is a great weapon in the fight for people’s hearts and minds.

Suddenly, the benefits of Oxfam’s perception as a hands-on ambassador of goodwill will take on a new relevance and value, and add urgency to the need to support them now.

©2018 Sue Trott


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